Receiving WSPR on 630 Meters.

                   Replaced all the output valves in the Ameritron AL84 amplifier. I just like valves the amplifier works  great.                                                         

QRZ callsign lookup

QRZ callsign lookup:
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Below are pictures I down loaded from my mobile phone using the WSPR app by Derek Turner G4SWY . I found the app very handy for checking propagation when out and about from home.
Click WSPR World Watch v3 for more information.
This app answers the two basic questions facing radio amateurs:- 
Which band shall I use ? 
Where shall I point my beam ?It will be of interest to anybody who wants to study radio propagation and the ionosphere.

This app plots real-time radio transmission paths on a world map which may be centered either on the Atlantic or the Pacific and incorporates a background display of the 'greyline' or terminator.

Paths of single stations may also be viewed.

In addition there is an Aurora plot option and display of Space Weather indexes.

WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter pronounced 'whisper') is designed for probing radio propagation paths using low-power beacon-like transmissions. WSPR signals convey only a callsign, Maidenhead grid locator and power level. Receiving stations with internet access automatically upload reception reports to a central database.


Bought this rig some yeas ago in France . My first contact from Germany using 40w SSB 20 MTRS was Canada. Liked the rig ever since.